Exhaust Services

Mechanic Welding Muffler Exhaust Tip

    The Exhaust System Experts In Toowoomba

    Repairs & Replacements

    We offer a full range of replacement or repair options to keep your vehicle running smoothly. 

    Repairing or replacing the standard exhaust system will:

    • Reduce noise
    • Limit the emission of dangerous gases
    • Improve fuel economy and the overall running of your vehicle's exhaust system

    Performance & Custom Work

    If you are looking for:

    • A choice in how your exhaust system is designed
    • A performance lift
    • Saving money from increased fuel economy
    • An exhaust system befitting your vehicle's unique style

    Then a Muffler Kings Quality Custom Exhaust System is your answer...

    Service & Maintenance

    Our extensive list of service and maintenance options will extend the life of your exhaust and reduce the chance of costly unforeseen repairs down the track. 

    Our technicians will do a detailed inspection of your exhaust system from start to finish, and report the best ways of maintaining any potential trouble areas.

    At Muffler Kings, we've got you covered.

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